Mental Performance Training for High School/College Athletes,

for Maximum Success Both On and Off the Field.

The quickest, most effective way to boost your athletes' performance - guaranteed!


Is this you?

  • You're the coach of a high school or college sports team
  • You have athletes whose mental game is holding them back
  • You want to maximize their success, both on and off the field

If so, keep reading because this training is perfect for you!

Here's the Reality ...

You know your athletes need to train their bodies.

You probably also know (because you’ve watched them struggle) that to be their best, they also need to train their mind and emotions.

That's why the new Raise Your Inner Game Sports Academy is so exciting. It gives you a simple, practical way to help your athletes boost their mental game in a way they never could before.

Just imagine the difference that can make!

"More focus, more confidence, better decisions under pressure, more self-discipline, less stress. This training will help more, and more quickly, than anything else."

That's a bold claim, we know. But we can make it (and back it up) because we know the Raise Your Inner Game material is uniquely powerful.

"More focus, more confidence, better decisions under pressure, more self-discipline, less stress. This training will help more, and more quickly, than anything else."

That's a bold claim, we know. But we can make it (and back it up) because we know the Raise Your Inner Game material is uniquely powerful.


Raise Your Inner Game is the world's first (and only) practical training in how to develop:

  • Cognitive control (attention control)

  • Emotional Self-regulation

  • Impulse Control

These three skills are fundamental to peak performance, affecting every aspect of an athlete’s life, both on and off the field.

They're easily understood and learned by virtually anyone. But RYIG is the only practical training available anywhere in how to develop these powerful inner skills.

Imagine the difference if your athletes could ...

  • Have more focus (block out distractions, keep their head in the game)
  • Make better decisions under pressure
  • Be more confident against good opponents
  • Perform as well in competition as they do in practice
  • Have more resilience and mental toughness
  • Train more effectively
  • Have more willpower and self-discipline
  • Enjoy themselves more, not get so stressed out

That's what RAISE YOUR INNER GAME SPORTS ACADEMY teaches them to do!


Listen to what people are saying ...

"Overcome performance issues"

"I was having trouble with small mental issues dragging down my performance. This training gave me an easy way to pin down the issues and put them behind me, so I was ready for competition. I would recommend this course for anyone who is struggling with their focus and mindset. It will help you overcome your performance issues and give you a new perspective about how to approach things in all aspects of life."

Isaac Porter
Soccer / Track and Field

"Easy to incorporate"

"I really enjoyed the material. I have read a lot of self-help books, but the simple tools in your material make it easier to incorporate into everyday life."

Jillian Weston
Distance Runner

"Straightforward and accessible"

"This material gives athletes the simple tools they need to improve their mental game. It's a straightforward and accessible method for improving an athlete's mental performance."

Adrian Ugo
High School Track Coach


"As their coach, you are the perfect person to teach them the Raise Your Inner Game material.* Our comprehensive Coach Training gives you everything you need to do that."

- David Levin, author, Raise Your Inner Game

* Or your team captain, assistant coach, etc.

Training includes ...

1)  Easy, step by step format

2)  Go at your own pace 

3) Mobile-friendly (Watch/listen on any device, at any time)

4) Checklists and planning sheets for every step of the process

5) Comprehensive Leader Guide

6) Reflections, exercises, and quizzes for enhanced learning

7)  Hardcover copy of Raise Your Inner Game  ($19 value)

8) Bronze Raise Your Inner Game Medallion ($29 value)

9) Private Coaches Forum (not a Facebook group)

10) Completion Certificate and Badge (for your bio)

11) 4+ hours of instruction (21 lessons, 30+ videos, audio downloads, transcripts. $397 value)


12) MATERIALS for 15 STUDENTS! (Standard Participant Kit - $1,050 value)

13) "Sports Academy Parent Edition" (self-regulation training for PARENTS!)

All for only $997 USD! $1,447

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Questions? Click the button!


Coach Training Q&A


"I promise ..."

Enrolling in a program like this is not an easy decision. Will it work? Will they use it? Will it make a real difference for them? Can I teach it? I totally get it. (That's one reason we offer a no-risk guarantee.)

But I promise, if you have players whose mental game is holding them back, or if you're looking to give your team an extra edge, or if you just want to help your athletes develop the life skills that they are not learning anywhere else, you are going to be so happy you did this. Register now and get started today!

Q: Will this really make a difference?
A: YES! (for four reasons)

1) Simple and Accessible. The Raise Your Inner Game material is easy to understand and incorporate into our daily lives. Frankly, this is one of its biggest advantages over other trainings. In fact, the comment we hear most often is, "I can't imagine anyone NOT being helped by it!" And it's proven to be effective with teenagers.

2) Practical Self-Mastery Skills. Cognitive control, emotional self-regulation, and impulse control are THE fundamental success skills, especially for athletes, and RYIG is the world's first and only practical training in how to develop all three.

3) World-Class Facilitation Training. I've been teaching people how to facilitate live trainings for over 20 years, and I learned from some of the best. This simple but powerful system gives you everything you need to effectively bring this material to your team.

4) Coaches Forum. The private Forum helps you get all your questions answered, and virtually guarantees that the training will make the biggest possible impact in the shortest possible time.

I look forward to seeing you in the Sports Academy!

P.S. Remember, there's no risk: The SPORTS ACADEMY comes with a 30-day, 100% guarantee.


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